About Me

My name is Julia. I have been a Sunday school teacher for more than 16 years and a leader of this ministry in our church for 14 years. Yeah, meet Sunday school teacher on the Internet finally. 

But this blog is not about teaching although I might decide to share on it as well 🙂 

Here I write about those challenges that I face in my walk with God being single and a leader and everything bout life 🙂 

Studying the Bible is the foundation.

It is the beginning of the transformations to come.​

So why is this the life of a challenge blog?

In all the daily routine tasks we tend to forget what really matters and where we are going. I want to challenge myself living the life full of meaning and purpose in Christ. I invite you to join me.

This website is all about our challenge, the battle and our victory in it.

The Christian life is often a battlefield or even should be that way.