How to spend more time with God?

Finding time for a personal relationship with God and reading the Bible is a priority but it is also a struggle to set apart that hour or less during the day. 

What does it mean a busy life? How busy are you?

Let’s discuss or think about what is vanity. If your next day is planned ahead and every minute is about being productive. So there is no place for vanity, right? Wrong! 

When we meet the word ‘vanity’ and find it in concordance by the origin, it states that vanity comes from hâbal which means ‘to be vain in the act, word or expectation; specifically to lead astray: – be (become, make.) vain.’ 

But in fact, it is a battle in our minds. And this is the place we are fighting for: 

“For as he thinks in his heart, so is he.” 

There is something wrong with the way we think. But mainly is how we get carried away from the Word of God into our to-do list, duties and responsibilities. 

Understanding the priority and the importance

After finishing the book on productivity (Just Shut Up and Do it), I was reminded to evaluate my priorities and my plans. One question got me thinking: “what accomplishment would have a great impact on my life if achieved within 12 months?” The first thing that came to my mind was ‘knowing God better’ If I get closer to know God this year, I will have a great impact on my life. It is my high priority goal! The next line from the book was a real game-changer: ‘Work every day on your high-priority tasks before you do anything else.’

If knowing God is my priority, then spending time with the Word of God in the morning makes total sense! Previously I was looking for excuses not to do this at the beginning of my day: I am not a morning person; I have a lot of work, etc. What are your excuses? 

Routines and how they work

I have decided to come up with a routine to stick to my priorities. 

Creating a routine around your spiritual life is important. A lot of people are talking about the morning routine, house cleaning routine, fitness routine, healthy snacking routine and all over routines.

So what does a routine actually mean?

It’s a group of several habits that have a specific place, time and order of completion. Let’s say you wake up at 7 am every morning, weigh-in, take a shower and make yourself a cup of coffee. This is your typical morning. And that’s called ‘routine.’

A habit consists of a cue, routine, and reward that develops a craving for the routine. Let’s say you want to develop healthy eating and the problem you are overeating because of random snacks. The key to changing the habit is to substitute unhealthy snacks with fruit and nuts. And it is totally up to you how to create that shift. Here are several books if you want to study habit formation better – the power of habit and Atomic Habits.

!Remember this is just the example. I am not giving any tips on healthy eating as everyone’s different and you should discuss your diet with the doctor.

If you want to read more on creating habits and routines, I recommend Atomic Habits by James Clear with his Clear Habit Journal.

Also The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg

Hooked will be a good choice to read as well.

So the question is how to use those routines for improving the quality of spiritual life? 

How to start your day with the Bible? It’s not just about fitting the Bible during the busy day while the mind is still thinking over the last message from the client, etc.

Finding minutes during lunch to pray or to read the Bible, getting up earlier than everybody else in the house, listening to the worship songs or audio Bible, Christian podcasts – I guess you have more stories to tell.

But sometimes it is just not enough.

Being honest with myself, I totally admit that despite all the errands I do have time to pray and read Bible but I procrastinate. 

Through tests and trials, I have come up with a routine that works for me, but first what is a routine and why you should have one.

My morning routine

I’ve watched different popular YouTubers to find the best practices, but the problem was that it is not only about your morning coffee that sets your spirit in the right direction. It is more about your why. 

First, it is important what you are listening to or reading. I have come up with a more creative solution. Using Google Assistant I added a routine to my alarm clock that turns off the silent mode and turns on the last podcast, which was at first Leadership Podcast by Craig Groeschel. But it didn’t work out as I am too sleepy to listen to the practical lesson. So I have found Bible podcast. Now when I switch off my alarm clock in the morning and the Bible podcast turns on automatically. Listening to the Word of God sets me in the right mood for the prayer. Even if I go and make a cup of coffee while listening to the Bible, I am still thinking over the passage and reflect on my mood and mind. 

Then I sit on the floor and turn on the worship playlist while doing a simple stretching for my body I reflect on my emotions and feelings and check if my mind is in obedience with God’s word. 

Only after that I pray to God and communicate with my Father. 

That is the routine that works for me. I really hope it will inspire you to develop your own.

What if the struggle of developing your relationships with God has nothing to do with procrastination?

I am developing a prayer course to help you with all the payer block that is stopping you from enjoying relationships with God. 

Here is the simple questionnaire to help you identify your moment of struggle and help you develop a routine that fits you. 


Books I recommend for reading

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