What is happiness in Christ?

Are you happy?

Can you call yourself as a happy christian? What does it mean to be happy in Christ?

I wish our everyday life would be filled with joy. All the errands, tasks and duties demanding our attention suck out the energy from the very first minutes in the morning. 

Rejoice in the Lord always. Again I will say, rejoice!

Philippians 4:4

What is not happiness about? It is not about being loved or having something in your possession. Though people are important for our well-being. The source of happiness shouldn’t come from people and things ONLY. 

  • why not?
  • it is not happiness. it’s satisfaction

Life consists of happy and sad moments. when sad moments come in the memory, trying to avoid them seems natural. Imagine if we had a possibility to foresee and avoid all the bad stuff in our lives. that would be terrific! Right?

No way! Think about it. Somehow you could foresee that there is a traffic jam on a specific highway. (Ok, without Google maps) ‘I’ll take another route’ you think. Then you know that your colleague will be saying some nasty things to you in the corridor. You will choose another path to avoid her or attach her first.  After a while, every thought will be focused on the bad thing that might happen in the nearest future. Finally, you will spend all your time planning on how to avoid all the events that are not pleasant to you.

Does it sound like
happiness to you?

Have you ever observed people trying to foresee every possible inconvenience or fall and prevent it? And for some reason, they are still uncomfortable because there is always something we cannot predict and therefore avoid. There is a temptation to turn into controlling freaks (The control itself is a tricky topic and I will write on it once.)

The same is true about the feeling of happiness. We tend to prolong it as we like how it feels. So it is just easy to attach emotionally to people or things or addictive behavior (not addictions) as if they are the source of joy. 

But at the end of the day, it is all the matter of focus. 

What is in yours? What are you focusing on? Is  your focus an obstacle and a distraction for your personal happiness and joy?

We are constantly looking for something, desiring something new. This desire itself has nothing wrong in it, but when all we do is looking for something or someone to fulfill the Void inside of us – we are poor people. As there is no such thing in the world that could fill this emptiness except God. 

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