2018 Year in Review

This year has been pretty busy and challenging. My life has changed a lot in a better way than I could ever imagine. I had prayed for these changes for several years before it finally happened! But every change brings new challenges along with it! If you think you will not have any challenges, even when you dream comes true, you are wrong.

1) I almost gave up all my English teaching.

Yes, I worked as a teacher from 2006 at public and private schools, at language schools and as a tutor. 12 years of my life. Wow!

I didn’t make this decision overnight. It took several years of praying and looking for a different direction for a career shift. It is a real blessing to know what you want. That wasn’t me in 2016.

The main reasons for quitting were the following.

  • I felt as if I have reached all that I could in this profession. Of course, that is not exactly true, I could find some weak sides of my teaching and improve them, but I didn’t consider it worth the time spent. Sometimes it may happen.
  • Not enough income. I know that ‘enough’ is a very personal thing, and everyone has their standards and expectations. My idea of ‘enough’ is to cover my basic needs: apartment rent, bills, food, the most necessary makeup, personal hygiene and one item of clothing. Even fully booked with English classes I was able to cover those needs.
  • I got exhausted of getting around the city for the lessons. I spent the same amount of time on public transport as having classes. So if I had five lessons, I would spend 5 hours in the underground. That was very exhausting!

2) On January 1, 2018, I joined the freelance team as a project manager and I rock at it!

I really enjoy it as I work from home and I can plan my time. But the downside is that I get too focused on my work that I forget about cooking, washing the dishes, making the bed and other personal things.


So now my challenge is to create a routine which will help me balance my work and my personal life.

Finally, I have enough money!

3) I still do all the responsibilities of a Sunday School Leader.

Most of them are managing and mentoring but during the holiday season life becomes really busy.


Also, I supervise several groups:


  • Toddler’s Sunday school classes twice a month;
  • Teenage home group every Saturday;
  • Since September I have led Youth Bible Study every Saturday, but sometimes we skip it due to church events or I try to delegate it to avoid burnout.

I am in charge of all the camps in our church.

Pretty busy schedule!

The truth I learned this year:

It will always be this way because it is life!

4) I started Bullet Journaling.

In April, I got inspired by this blog, and I decided to try it out.


At first, I wanted to keep track of my goals and routine. I was only practical, nothing extra, just the pages I needed. Eventually, it became something more and I decided to experiment more. I love the freedom this system gives me. You can do anything with this diary.


5) I’ve created so many post drafts

5) I’ve created so many post drafts, but I was afraid to publish them because they are not perfect. I would not call it perfectionism but fear as I do not strive for perfection in everyday life. I thought nobody would like it unless it is close to perfect.


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