How can you walk by faith in challenging times?

Life is beautiful. There are plenty opportunities in front of everyone. Unfortunately, we are sometimes not able to see that in the now moment. Internal urge to complain puts us in the place when we don’t count our blessings. Although the life itself is full of God’s miracles, we tend to focus on unpleasant stuff.

As Christians, we have the freedom to choose our focus with a deep understanding of the consequences. We can still rely on this reality and what is happening around us, but the Bible calls as sons and daughters of Almighty God who is above this world and all its hassle.

How do we know if we have the wrong focus? How to check yourself? Let’s look at the scripture 🙂

What does walking by faith or sight mean?

When Abraham was walking by faith it doesn’t mean he didn’t understand his or Sarah’s age but he didn’t count on their bodies’ conditions. He trusted God to fulfill His promises.

When we walk by sight we are focusing and relying on our senses what we see, feel, can touch and understand this world mostly. There is nothing wrong with this, it is completely natural to rely on senses and what you see. Though it influences our focus so that we want to see first God’s miracles and then to believe. Thus, God is moving in all the different way. He wants us to believe His Word and good intentions for our lives first. Then we will see our miracles and we will see his provision. That is what Bible calls walking by faith and not by sight.

Isn't it blind faith? When you just don’t know what you believe?

Walking by faith has nothing to do with blind faith. It is actually mindful faith when you believe what the Scripture says as you not only know what it is written, but you actually understand the meaning of some verse. It requires studying the Word, context and historical background or checking Greek meaning of specific words.

Let’s imagine some typical situation when our reaction differs depending on our focus. When you are in trouble, need some money urgently for rent, bills, mortgage, credit loan for education or any other huge thing. It’s not a small thing we are talking about. I don’t know why but it is easier to trust God in small things, so He is the God of small things in our lives. But when we talk about big problems we usually take care of them ourselves. We find the solution in worrying more and doing more. What a questionable strategy!

What kind of faith should we have to impact and transform our lives?

Jesus said that ‘faith the size of a mustard seed’ (Mt. 17:20) should be enough to move mountains. So I am thinking if my faith isn’t working it must be something wrong with it. It’s not about the faith itself, but the foundation of it. What your faith is based on? It has to be Scripture. I realized that I can’t build my spiritual life and my faith in my opinion of God, but not on his Word.

The real faith described in the Bible must be based on the Word of God. When you understand the Scripture, it’s not blind faith anymore: you know what the word of God says and what it means and how you can implement it in your life. That is not blind faith because you’ve got understanding.

So what is the right focus for our everyday lives?

In Hebrews 11: 1, 32 – 38, 39 – 40 we read about great actions of faith and about those who were persecuted for the teaching or preaching. Let me ask you. If you read of all they’d been through, you’ll notice the development from miracles to prosecutions. It is all mentioned in the context of real faith.

Were the last ones walking by faith or not? What about the apostles who not just died in pain (we are all afraid of that), but who were killed with violence? Did they die in faith? What type of faith is that?

It struck me one day when I was reading Hebrew 11: they had faith in eternal life which starts now. All their actions had a purpose with a focus on eternity.

When we think about eternal life, it seems like experience only after death, only in that life, not now, but scripture says that kingdom of God is in me through Jesus Christ. This means that right now!

My eternal life started the day I receive Jesus as my Savior! What did it change? It changed our perspective. It changed who I am. It is a transformation from a sinner into a righteous person. It gave me new rights of the daughter of God and a whole new identity! Right now you have a new life, identity, and family. New goals to pursue!

And this changes everything!

I have been born in a new person and my end goal my end aim is the life with my Savior. If I got offended, would I rather stay in this attitude or leave it in favor of my eternal life? If I got troubles, would they stop me from living my life for Christ? If I find myself in some horrible situation, would I forget about God and live my own life?

I believe this kind of questions we should be asking ourselves from time to time to live a purposeful life and focus life on Jesus, on the real thing, not on the emotions which go and usually flow uncontrolled.

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