People are people

During summer camp I was standing in a queue with two more girls, Nataly and Kate. We were waiting for food and talking about relationships. I don’t remember how we started this topic. All of a sudden, Nataly said that she was single at the age of 28 which is very unusual for her country and community in Argentina. Kate, 29 from Ukraine, stated the same situation and then me still single being 31. We shared the very similar story: everybody tries to give advice how to prepare yourself for a relationship. Then they tell their love story in every detail. Finally, if you are lucky to hear out a short variant, you’ll hear something like “One day you will have the same feelings.”

Everybody feels pity for you when you don’t have anyone in a relationship. They think it’s not normal and start giving you their opinions. Couples think they know everything about the relationship and feel themselves an expert. They know for sure, why you’re alone and what’s wrong with you. But the real situation – they know nothing about being alone. They had never been alone for as long as 10 years. Pressure from relatives, friends, doubts, negative thoughts…

While we were discussing the challenges of being single, I understood that everybody was the same. We were talking from different cultures about the same attitude and the same problems because we are human.

This gives me a feeling of unity. It helps me to feel normal again and to learn how others deal with the same challenges. Go and find your crowd. 🙂

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