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The Bible Study Guide to the Book of James

A year ago I made my decision to go deep in studying the Word of God, so I set it as a challenge for me on this website and invite you to join in it here. I’ve been a Christian for 14 years and 12 of them, I am the leader of Sunday school. I love the deep Bible study and theology. Although from time to time I forget the simple truth: the Bible is not about knowledge, but it’s about action. Jesus was walking around his people and teaching them action faith. Though they knew the law very well from childhood, they hardened their hearts and couldn’t live by faith.

The book of James is a very practical one. James speaks to the Jews, who were scattered around the world because of prosecution. James covers practical issues such as trials, actions of faith, relationships between brothers in Christ, responsibility for what we say.


Did it come from God? Is there something wrong in my relationship with God? God doesn’t love me anymore, does He? When we face trials the most typical questions in our head: Lord why? Why did it happen to me? Frankly, the book of James doesn’t give an answer for that, but it explains what for. The reasons are usually hidden from us. We may find ourselves wondering about the reasons, so we miss the opportunity to gain something from it.

James names benefits of any trial, such as patients. If you think of it a bit deeper, you’ll see how our God is great. Trials and problems are those moments when we can be witnesses of God’s deliverance and miracles proving His love and support 24/7. To see Our Father’s miracles, you have to trust Him.

Works vs Faith

According to several resources, Jews, who believed in Christ, had the false understanding of faith. Their faith had nothing to do with actions. James reveals the real meaning of faith seen through actions. James describes the relationship between faith and works. So he reminds us about Abraham and Rahab, whose faith was seen through their actions. Then he concludes his point by the next words: “You see then that a man is justified by works, and not by faith only.” James 2:24.

In further chapters, we read some wise instruction to follow in everyday life. These instructions include warnings against pride, judgment, boasting, and self-reliance. I invite you to study The Book of James for yourself with James Bible Study Guide that I have created especially for you. Subscribe to the study and get your James Bible Study Guide for free.

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