How to Stay Motivated During Time with God

Lack of motivation is the top issue in today’s life.

To my opinion, the reason for that is hidden behind overwhelming information flow and feeling of rush. We are always in a hurry. There are plenty of opportunities we don’t want to miss. So every minute in our schedule is organized efficiently. It happens to me very often. When I’m done planning my week, I realize I didn’t include time for God. It may sound strange ‘have time for God’. There is nothing wrong with having thought about God and His Word or His Will during the day. In fact, you cannot plan this time. But I mean a conscious time praying or studying the Word of God.

Let’s discuss some solutions starting from the most obvious.


I think you have expected that.

I hope you are using Google Calendar for work or at least you have hands-on experience with it. What I decided to do is to create a separate private calendar ‘Prayer & Bible study’ and set appointed a time for that. I can also write what I want to study.

Habit trackers

I love HabitBull habit tracker app because you can set up an individual habit and track it in several ways:

  • Yes / no answer;
  • With a number of pages, chapters, verses, etc.;
  • With other question.

I find helpful for customized habit tracking. I encourage you to look for your perfect match of apps and reminders.

Reading plans

They can be of great help. There are quite a lot of plans available to you for free in all the possible variants: pdf, image, Word document, app, web app. A piece of advice: start with small plans that cover one topic.


It is the most difficult and untraceable quality. Recently I was listening to a podcast on productivity and they gave a good point how to track a quality, but not an action. Every time you are satisfied with your quality, you can use a smiley face, heart icon or identify it with color. For example, every time your attitude to praying and studying the Bible is positive, mark it somehow.

You may ask what a good attitude is. I advise you to answer the following questions honestly.

Is your heart ready to listen?

Do troubles carry your thoughts away?

Do you feel depressed?

In case, you are experiencing any of these feelings, stop nourishing them. Just stop. God cares about you. If you don’t believe, read it in your Bible. 

  1. Start with a prayer to prepare your heart. You can choose any Psalm to calm down your thoughts and pay with it.
  2. If it feels right (even if doesn’t feel right), sing some songs of worship.
  3. Study the Bible
  4. Finish with a prayer.

I am waiting for your feedback in the comments so that we could discuss together how this system is working for you.

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